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Hello there. This website is in Dutch only and will not be translated, but if you’re interested in doing a photoshoot with me and don’t understand the Dutch language you can find all the basic information you need for that on this one page.


A photoshoot can go from portrait to fitness, nude, kinky or fetisj depending on what you want. I photograph men from young to old, but for an erotic shoot you must be 18+ of course. If you want you can also bring along your husband, wife or friend for a couple shoot. I’m very openminded so don’t be afraid to ask me whatever you want.


On this website you may have seen photos with water. For that I have to make adjustments in my studio. It’s very nice to do and gives great photos, but because of the extra work I charge an extra fee and usually only plan this in specific periods.


Before the shoot starts we take time to get to know each other. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed, because that shows up in the results and I want your shoot to be a pleasant experience for both of us. Don’t be afraid if you have no experience in posing, that will work out fine once you’re relaxed. When you’re relaxed the idea’s will develop automatically once shooting. I never plan multiple shoots after another so if you need more then the standard hour to work out idea’s that’s no problem at all.


Straight after the shoot we make a selection of the photos together. For each selected photo you decide on how I may use it. We do that by placing each photo in a category:

 APhotos that the photographer is fully free to publish and use for promotion. This may be on a website, participating in a competition, publishing a photo book, an exhibition etc.
BPhotos that the photographer is not allowed to publish, but may use for one on one promotion such as: show to potential clients, a print for in the studio and things like that. This is the default category.
 CPhotos that the photographer is not allowed to use in anyway for promotion or publication and are strictly private for the model. This category is especially for nude and erotic pictures where the model is recognizable and genitals are visible.

We sign a short and simple agreement where all this is written down so we both know where we stand on this. Photos that are not selected are deleted right away. All photos may be used by you for personal goals like dating profiles and such, but you are not allowed to edit or use them commercially. After I have edited the selected photos you will receive a link from me where you can download everything. Photos are delivered both in color and black and white.


Basic shoot ( 1 hour, 1 person, 10 edited photos )€40,– *
Surcharge for each half hour extra shooting time€10.–
More photos for each photo€2,50
Surcharge couples€20.–
Surcharge watershoot€20.–
Discount for regular customers  (about the amount above the basic shoot)20%

* Of which 20 euro in advance, remainder during the shoot. 


If you want to book a photoshoot or have any questions contact me. Let me know the dates you are in the Netherlands, the region where you will be staying and we will try and find a data and time that suits us both for a shoot.

Or if you live here book your date here.

Fotoshoots voor mannen

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